Luxurious feel, unique and inviting atmosphere. Its decoration and intimate atmosphere are perfect for a peaceful stay

Our suites and rooms


Artemis Room Hotel Crete

Junior Suite
4 people + Pool and Courtyard View

A charming suite located on the 1st floor. A folding screen separates the white canopied bed from the sitting area.


odyssey room

Suite with Balcony
4 people + Village View

A charming suite on the 1st floor, with 4 shuttered windows overlooking the centre of the village, which has a modern ceiling frieze depicting Circe, the Odyssey of Homer.


Nefeli Room

2 people + Pool and Courtyard View

Split-level Nefeli sits sweetly under the rafters, with its shower room down the windy stair and just outside the door.


pandora boutique hotel room rethymno

Room with Terrace
3 people + Pool and Courtyard View

Pandora – as befits mere mortals alongside a pair of gods – is still pretty roomy and could easily hold a couple and a young child.


Villa Kynthia

4 people + Cobble Street View

A delightful apartment sleeping 2-4 in a white light-filled bedroom (its window overlooking a tiny street) and a low mezzanine twin/sitting area, ideal for a couple or a family.

Kynthia Luxury Guesthouse - Villa Kynthia Boutique Hotel